Big Blue World plays original rock, world, West African, reggae, and funk music. 
  • Chris Chitouras guitar & vocals
  • Keith Kirkpatrick bass & vocals
  • Conor O'Brien vocals, guitar & mandolin
  •  Frank Laurino drums and percussion

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Big Blue World News: 

Big Blue World has finished our long awaited CD - available online!

The band is on break for the winter but we are working on writing new material and have started a new recording project at Under the Radar Recording. The engineer is Jeff Chitouras and we have approached this recording in a very live way. Recording songs as a group as we would live, minus the back up vocals and crash and ride cymbals which will be overdubbed. It has great depth to the dimension of the sound and we can't wait to share it with you.

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Big Blue World's New CD is available at iTunesCDBaby, pick it up at a show or via snail mail