Big Blue World Studio Releases
Big Blue World 2016:  

Conor's Solo Album that included all the members of Big Blue World with the addition ofsome outstanding musicians including Michito Sanchez, Dave Gerard, Rob Duquette, Kristen Miller, Jason Roseman, Scip Gallant, Chris Magruder and Jimmy R. Landry. This album is original, thoughtful and will bring the listener on a journey they will not soon forget. Songs include elements of world, reggae, blues and funk.

"Big Blue World" is available on iTunes,   CDbaby,  at shows and via snail mail. Mail a check for $15 to Conor O'Brien, 12 James St. Somerville MA 02145. 
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Almost Live 2013               

The Big Blue World Trio includes Conor O'Brien guitar, mandolin and vocals, Chris Chitouras on guitar, Keith Kirkpatrick on Bass and Vocals. This CD was recorded over the course of a few weeks and done in a very live way. Almost all of the tracks were recorded live in the studio with the exception of the background vocals and a couple more technical solos. Due to that, the disc really has a very lively vibey feel to it. This was recorded with the engineer and owner of Under the Radar Recording, Arlington MA - Jeff Chitouras. 

Currently you can only purchase these at our live shows so come on out!
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Agitate d’Love 2017

Pictures Of Pluto                     Walkin' Miles
Release                                   Roots*
Coco                                        Cycles*
Take My Hand                         Out on Your Own

All songs written and arranged by Big Blue World
Lyrics by Conor O’Brien except*:
*(included in Roots) White Rabbit © 1966 Grace Slick; Feel Like a Stranger © 1979 Bob Weir & John Barlow; A Love Supreme, pt. 1 – Acknowledgement © 1964 John Coltrane
* Cycles © 2001 Conor O’Brien

Produced by Jeff Chitouras and Big Blue World
Executive Producer, Jeff Chitouras
Recorded at Under the Radar Recording Studio, Lexington MA
Recording and Mixing Engineer, Jeff Chitouras
Mastering Engineer, Unmastered Version
Art direction, Frank Laurino
Cover photography, Conor O’Brien 
Music and artwork © 2017 Big Blue World (except where noted)
Lyrics © 2017 Conor O’Brien (except where noted)